Cheering from Afar

Three days and counting. The 2010 Olympics are almost upon us. I remember the day in July, 2003 when it was announced that Vancouver would host these games. I was so happy. Back then I lived in Toronto. I had dreams of attending the games  (in the audience of course). I had no idea what my future held, where I might be living come game time. I never would have guessed that I’d be two  years into living in Sydney, Australia about as far away from these Olympics as I could be.

But, I am right beside you in spirit. I am counting down from half way around the world. I’ll be watching. I want to take in as much of this global showcase as possible.

Canada, while I may be far away, I hold you close in my heart. I wish you well in these games. I thank the organizers and athletes for all their preparation, determination and inspiration in bringing this competition to the world. I’ll be cheering for you Canada and for the spirited Canadian athletes who will stand, ski, skate and compete for their country. I wish you good luck, good spirits and a safe and enjoyable games. Do us proud Canada. 2010 is your time to Own the Podium!

Whether it be before, during or after the games, I will always be proud to be a Canadian.

Image from flickrcc – attribution Image: ‘Red, white, and natural blue


One thought on “Cheering from Afar

  1. Fondly thinking of my great Canadian friend who loves red more than anyone I know. And don’t worry, I cried enough for both of us at the opening ceremonies. What got me most was the generosity that the Indian community in Vancouver extended to India’s Olympic team – they gave them clothes, spending money and matching uniform so they could proudly march into the stadium in unison. That is why we who are lucky enough to call Canada home, think that this is the greatest country in the world.

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