From the “what a great idea” file…

So, exactly what is this?

Well it’s a circuit training facility that sits outside, smack dab in the middle of our neighbourhood park. The kids’ swings and jungle gym are still there too, but now the adults have some equipment to play on as well. Brilliant!

This particular setup has a stepper, a recumbent bike, a lat pull down, a chest press, a rower, a cross trainer and a few other machines. Yes, they’re a pretty basic design, but what a great concept our tax dollars going toward something innovative that also helps to address fitness concerns.

They seem to be popping up in a number of parks around Sydney. I guess the weather in Australia makes this a more viable option here than in other countries, but wouldn’t it be great if this was a trend we saw go global.

One thing’s for sure, it’s now a regular stop on our walks around the neighbourhood. And, in related news, I have cancelled my gym membership and am taking my workouts outside. Now, I just have to concentrate on working more of them into my schedule!

PS – on that note, it’s so cool that the nike running app is embedded in my iPhone so I can track all those walks/runs- those folks at Apple think of everything!


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