Two Years Down Under

Today is my two year anniversary on Australian soil. Woo hoo…let the bands play and the trumpets roar. Pop those champagne corks – let the festivities begin.

Nope, they’re will be nothing like that today.

It’s no special day. Today, I’m dealing with everyday life issues, still trying to really connect with life here so that it feels like home. Some days it does, others I feel like a complete outsider and I long for a time when I felt wholly connected. On the plus side, I get to experience fabulous weather, I’ve made some great new friends, we have just purchased a lovely home and my love for Chris is stronger and deeper now than it was two years ago (and at that point I never thought that could be possible). On the challenging side, I’m still adjusting to the nuances of Aussie culture, trying diligently to make substantial career inroads, missing my family, friends and familiar haunts and then there’s the constant juggling act trying to acknowledge the needs and sometimes conflicting priorities of a blended family that includes teenagers and the reality of old lives meeting new ones. No simple task I can tell  you.

I look back over the past two years and can recall moments of fascination, exhilaration, validation, elation, serendipity, contentment, trauma, heartache, disappointment and frustration. I can see why my very wise friend Bill said, “promise me that you’ll give it at least two years.”

Is it what I expected? To be honest, I’m not sure what it was that I expected (or if I ever really thought the decision through). I think I may have had a rather romanticized view of what my great adventure down under might entail, but that’s okay. Maybe it’s what gave me the courage to do it.

What I can say with great surety is that it has been both more rewarding and far harder than I had ever imagined.

We’ll see what the next two years have in store for me. Whatever comes, you can bet I’ll continue to blog the milestones as they happen – all of it – the great, the good, the bad and the ugly. So stay tuned…and for those of you who have been with me  for the ride so far, thanks for your support and interest, you’re a big reason I continue this blog.


One thought on “Two Years Down Under

  1. Hey .. it’s been 7 years for me (away from home) and I still am trying to adjust and feel good about things. Some days up … some down!

    The best thing is that you have Chris 🙂


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