Dear Santa

It’s been almost two years since I moved here and just six months since I’ve been in Toronto, but I still miss so many things about Canada. No, putting on snow tires is not one of them. I do miss my friends and family and so many familiar places, experiences and everyday products.

With the holiday season underway, I know I will miss them even more as the holidays draw nearer. People have been asking about what I want for Christmas this year. I’ve given this some thought. I don’t want anything big under the tree this year unless of course,  it’s a visitor! But, in the absence of that, it would mean so much to me to have some little things that I truly miss from my home country. Not because they’re “stuff” that I want to accumulate, but, because there’s a certain familiarity to them, a certain snippet of the Canadian experience that would help me get through the Christmas season being so far away from over forty years of familiar.

Dear Santa,

While I know I can’t go to Canada this Christmas and I know that I can’t bring my family and friends here, if it’s at all possible, I’d really appreciate one or two of the following little things that I miss so much that you just can’t seem to get here in Oz:

  • Crystal light individual drink packets – all flavours
  • Hershey SKOR bars
  • Kraft Dinner
  • Tim Horton’s coffee
  • Greens plus capsules
  • Real Maple Syrup
  • Clamato Juice
  • Montreal Steak Spice
  • Thrills gum
  • BBQ Fritos
  • Playtex super non deodorant tampons with plastic applicators
  • Kotex lightdays hourglass shaped non-deodorant pantyliners
  • Kraft caramels
  • Bits and Bites
  • Body Shop brazil nut soap and body butter
  • Smirnoff cosmopolitan mix
  • Red licorice
  • Green relish
  • Lubriderm sensitive skin body lotion
  • LCBO Food and Drink magazine
  • Toronto Life magazine
  • Any dollar store item with a Canadian maple leaf on it

3 thoughts on “Dear Santa

  1. I’d like to thankk Marina for her care package -So, very thoughtful. I loved everything. And the BBQ Fritos taste like “more”. You know you have the best of girlfriends when they send feminine protection in the mail!
    Love ya hon – thanks!

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