Our First International Visitors

It was our absolute pleasure to welcome our first International (from a country outside of North America) to our Aussie home. We enjoyed hosting not one, not two, but three Irish visitors. Hailing from County Cork, Ireland, Aidan and Majella Jennings(Noreen and Stef’s nephew and niece) and their friend Lorna Hayes arrived here on Orange Wednesday – the day of the dust storm.

While Chris was off to yet another conference for most of their time here, he did get to top and tail their visit. In the meantime, the Irish made this their home base. Some days they explored on their own, some I was happy to play tour guide and some of their time here, we were just all happy to hang out at home and enjoy each other’s company.

It was nice to able to welcome my adopted family into our home because as we all know, that the toughest part of this move to OZ is that I miss my people.

Some of the visit’s memories include didgeridoo lessons, Orlando Bloom and Russell Crowe sightings, dust storms and snow storms, Darling Harbour, Chinatown, Manly, The Blue Mountains, the CBD, Watson’s Bay, vegetables, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, fine wine, train rides, ferry rides, spectacular views, fish and chips by the sea, a serendipitous finding of a nudie beach, vegimite tastings, long overdue haircuts (both mine and Aidan’s), a visit to St. Mary’s Cathedral and skype calls back home to find Bailey ruling the roost. And I think we’ll all agree, that we’ll  never set foot in Pontoon bar again.

Thanks for including this stop in your Aussie tour guys, it was a pleasure to have you here. We miss you already (and with you gone, it’s a good thing they’ve finally fixed the dishwasher!)

Here are a few of the moments we captured during your stay:

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