It’s been 17 years, but I still miss her


Today is the anniversary of my Mom’s death – always a sad and reflective day for me.

It occurs to me, that I don’t believe that I’ve every blogged about her. Even though she’s been gone for 17 years and my life is dramatically different than it was back then, not a week goes by when I don’t think about her.


This year, I thought I’d share a few photos and a poem written by one of her favourite poets, Helen Steiner Rice.

Mothers Never Really Die – They Just keep House Up In The Sky

Death beckoned her with outstreched hand
And whispered softly of ‘an unknown land’
But she was not afraid to go
For though the path she did not know
She took Death’s Hand without a fear
For He who safely brought her here
Had told her He would lead the way
Into eternity’s bright day
And so she did not go alone
Into he ‘valley that’s unknown’
She gently took death by the hand
And journeyed to ‘the Promised Land …
And there, with step so light and gay
She polishes the sun by day
And lights the stars that shine at night
And keeps the moonbeams silvery bright …
For Mothers really never die,
They just ‘keep house up in the sky’ …
And in the heavenly home above
They wait to ‘welcome’ those they love

Helen Steiner Rice

I miss you Mom!



2 thoughts on “It’s been 17 years, but I still miss her

  1. Great post Linda ..
    17 years seems like a life time away and it still feels likes yesterday.The great memories you have will stay with you until you meet again .Until then remember and make her proud of you. She is not to far away as she is always in your hearth .
    Take care –we Love you and will are always there with you …Stefan $ Noreen

  2. Linda, you are so much of the good that your mom brought – making every occasion memorable and making life an occasion.

    No matter what, your mom appeared with her poppy red lipstick on and a smile, lighting up the room. I’m sure she had her tough days too, but as your friend I never saw them. A grand lady indeed – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. At the risk of making you sob uncontrollably (as we women in in 30+ years are prone to do), your dad probably sees Kay when he looks at you.

    I can’t believe it’s been that many years.

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