Introducing outtathegate…

outtathegate_blogIntroducing …outtathegate … news, highlights and ideas from the IABC World Conference 2009 in San Francisco this June 7th – 10th

The IABC NSW chapter offered a scholarship competition for the IABC World Conference 2009 taking place in San Francisco, USA. I was lucky enough to receive the award this year.  So, a huge “THANK YOU” goes out to the Board and members of the IABC NSW chapter.

As was part of the scholarship agreement, I will provide a conference report upon my return. But, I have also created the outtathegate campaign to share conference news, highlights and ideas direct to you from San Francisco… as they happen.

The campaign is already underway. It will use the power of social media and web 2.0 tools to share conference highlights with you as they come… outtathegate. The integrated campaign will use:
•   blog posts
•   delicious links
•   tweets
•   flickr photos
•   skype conversations (skype name: outtathegate)
•   gmail –
•   the occasional podcast and video

My hope is that outtathegate will become a crowd sourced project to capture the fabulous content, people, events and ideas coming outtathegate, providing a glimpse into the components that work together to create a meaningful and memorable conference experience. The goal is to get others, including delegates from around the world, to provide useful content by sharing their highlights, ideas and feedback. Together we can create a vibrant citizen community that participates in a global conversation that continues on long after the conference has ended.

I encourage you to get into outtathegate – share your questions, make comments on the blog, follow us on twitter, tweet your views, comments, links and ideas, send us an email, spread the word to your network and help to expand the reach of the outtathegate conversation. And, if you’re at the conference, provide updates reflecting your personal experience. The success of this campaign, as with any integrated social media initiative, relies heavily on collaboration and participation. You have a voice, so speak up…and, as we say in IABC…Be Heard!

Thanks in advance for your participation!

P.S.Interested in sponsorship? As this campaign grows, so does the need for support – if you’re interested in helping, please contact me to discuss. Thanks!


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