Gruen Transfer …LIVE!

Was “in studio” last night for the taping of The Gruen Transfer, episode #6 of this season.

“The Gruen Transfer (TGT) is a show about advertising, how it works, and how it works on us. Hosted by the inimitable Wil Anderson, TGT decodes and defuses the commercial messages that swirl through our lives, with the help of a panel of ad industry experts.”

We had a blast – hands and cheeks still sore. The host, Will Anderson, was in fine form. The panel – Todd, Matt,  Jane and Russell (we’re all on a first name basis now) took us on a balanced and entertaining tour of cereal advertising, Todd Sampson looked oh so fetching in his pink shirt and Will only said “fuck” 8 times!

Seriously, the collective brainpower in this room is capable of solving some serious world  issues – when will that be a segment?

Looking forward to going again in two weeks. Next time it’s the front row or nuthin’!

The creativity was palpable
The creativity was palpable

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