Dear Resident…

I got the good news on January 21st. My VISA had been granted!

It was official. I could stay. AND I was now able to work here too. A few people congratulated me and wished me well. Chris made an extra special deal about my official Aussie status, decking me out in full Aussie gear. So, on my first Australia Day (Jan. 26th) as a resident, I certainly looked the part.

beach-and-brindabellas-1892 beach-and-brindabellas-1962  

I was also lucky enough to receive a special little gift from Marcus a friend from the Suzuki club and one of my FB peeps. He had been at the mint in Canberra earlier in the weekend and picked up this little momento with me in mind.


To say I was moved by this thoughful gift was an understatement.  Even though I’m not quite at the Citizen stage yet, I will treasure this little momento not only because it represents the achievement of a huge milestone in my journey, but because it celebrates the values of this country and it was given to me by someone who I met right here on Australian soil – someone I am now proud to call a friend. So, “thank you, Marcus”  – your gift has touched me in many ways!


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