My first 4WD Camping Trip – The Brindabella Ranges

It’s summertime here in Oz. Chris and I have been talking about doing a little more camping before the season has come and gone. This past Australia Day long weekend, we left the city behind and did just that. 

Rather than brave the wilderness on our own, we joined a few other members of the Suzuki 4WD Club. In all, there were six vehicles (ALL Suzukis) and 10 of us (Troy, Mick, Matt (and kids), Brian & Dawn, Stephan, Chris and I. 

We all met up in Canberra with our final destination being the Brindabella Ranges. We set out for a few hours of 4WD-ing before finding our weekend home, located in a lovely valley nestled in the Brindabellas. It was a good sized open spot with flat ground, a few trees and easy access to the Goodradigbee River. There was no power, no facilities (not even an out house – well there was one – Brian and Dawn brought a port-o-let and shower and bathroom tent), no running water (okay, there was a river if that counts). It was just us and the elements (which included sightings of brown snakes and one big huntsmen spider who thought I made for a great climbing wall)

The weather was spectacular – sunny, warm with a slight breeze. We slept in tents, cooked on our new camp stove and over the open fire (I had my very first camp oven roast – see the photo below – it was fabulouse…mmm…thanks hon!). We took a few walks, soaked up the sunshine, took a few dips in the river, even had the kayak out for a paddle and, at night, we sat out, heads tilted back, mesmerized by the billions of stars glistening in the clear night sky. It was quite unique to see the stars from the southern hemisphere –  a very different view than this Canadian gal is used to.

Of course the guys exchanged vehicle tips and reminisced about past trips. I think we all went home slightly more tanned, noticeably more relaxed, happy we made the trip and looking forward to the next one.

With my first club trip down, I know I’m certainly looking forward to the next one, but I may need to pack a few extra things … Huntsman repellant and a  bathroom tent perhaps?


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