SEEK and ye shall find…

..and hopefully it won’t take too long.

With the contract with Ingenium coming to an end because of cutbacks, I had hoped that I wouldn’t need to begin my job search yet. But, we were notified yesterday that our landlord is considering selling the property in the very near future. While I had visisons of coming back here and tying up a few loose ends from 2008 – taxes, finalize immigration stuff, finish my novel and sell it – you know little things like that , it appears that they will need to be pushed to the backburner while I move the job search front and centre.  Ah, life!

We’d love to buy this place, but I’m not sure  the bank would consider it on only one income and I get that. But I was astounded at the relative difference in what they’d lend to a couple with two similar incomes versus one sole breadwinner. The difference is staggering.  So, to provide us as many options as possible, I best get myself a paying gig PDQ! 

So, I need to get working on that second income.I’m officially looking. Intermediate to senior marketing an/or communications roles would all be considered. From B2B and consumer  marketing to internal communications, I have a very diverse background that is bound to serve some lucky organization well…just who it will end up being, is still anyone’s guess.

If you can help, please help away….I’d love to get started just as soon as possible…how’s next Monday sound?


2 thoughts on “SEEK and ye shall find…

  1. Ok, so now I know why you too are a busy bee. That camping trip looked wonderful – can I dive in that pot of roasted delicious? Goals for 2009? Yup, get through the year unscathed. You’ll understand when you read my email message of Feb 2. Bye 4 now.

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