And you thought Mommy was cute…


Do I have your attention?

…introducing  sisters Emilie, Kayla and Kassandra who we had the pleasure of visiting while in Quebec… okay so we enjoyed seeing Mom (Donna) and Dad (Francois). You guys are truly blessed with three beautiful  and captivating little ladies and  a lovely home. And, even though we only got to spend a short time there this time round, we’ll be back. Okay, the Wii and the fabulous coffee might also have a little something to do with it.

Thanks again for a great time and for providing us bed number eight on our Canadian tour. Please give the ladies a hug from both of us and thank Em again for the lovely artwork. It’s on the bulletin board already! 


 christmas-556 christmas-604 christmas-555 christmas-582 christmas-557 christmas-5631 christmas-5711 christmas-575 christmas-580 christmas-587 christmas-589 christmas-592 christmas-597 christmas-610 christmas-613


2 thoughts on “And you thought Mommy was cute…

  1. yeah… what she said.

    Seriously, we had a great time staying with Donna and Francois and the girls. They were all so cute! And now, I want a Wii too!

  2. Thanks guys!! We loved having you!!

    So Chris .. I’ll pass on the compliment that you think Frank is cute too!!! 🙂

    Can’t wait till you come back, your room and coffee awaits you!

    Donna xx

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