Ushering in a New Year with Old Friends

For the last few days of 2008 and the first few hours of 2009, Casa de Formosa welcomed Chris and I with open arms. Bed number six of our Canadian tour was in the centrally located heart of East York. A hop, skip and a few broken plates (opa!) away from the famous Danforth aka Greektown.  Also, “The Beach” (many say “The Beaches”… an argument that has gone on far too long) is just a short drive. And, the Toronto city core, is within 15 minutes by car or subway.


The Formosas have been my friends since back when Wendy was an O’Neill (I’ll never remember if it was one ‘l’ or two) and she hadn’t even met Paul yet. Wendy and I met about 28 tears ago, give or take. For the past three decades I’ve watched this family form and grow and develop (notice I didn’t say “mature”)  into the greatest group of well meaning pranksters I know. There are always laughs, entertaining stories, truckloads of fun, big welcome hugs, hello kisses, tasty meals, “I love you” s, sincere invitations back and some good hearted teasing when you visit with the Four-mosas. This time was no exception.

Wendy, Paul, Derek, Rebecca and Cooper (Cooper makes five!) thanks for your love, warmth and laughter…and just to be clear…I have a blog. And you’re on it!

dsc_0088 dsc_0091 dsc_0095 dsc_0098 dsc_0102 dsc_0105 christmas-529 christmas-528 christmas-530 christmas-540 christmas-526 christmas-545

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