Did ya miss me?

I know, I know, it’s been a while. I can’t believe it’s the middle of December and I haven’t blogged yet this month…tsk…tsk….bad blogger.  Well I guess with our Christmas celebrations in Sydney, organizing a trip to Canada and catching up with my Canadian compadres, I’ve been a little busy.

So, first things first. I attended my inaugural Suzuki Club Christmas party – we had a hoot. Chris, Al, Kate and I packed up the truck with our secret santa goodies, some Christmas accessories (even a red nose and reindeer antlers for the truck) and joined the Suzuki Club for my very first outdoor Christmas Party. It was part picnic, part cook out, park camping – as some people even set up camp and stayed the night.

It was the hottest Christmas party I’ve attended. And between a visit from a gift-toting Santa, the tire swing, the property’s resident horse (Al made a friend) and the shallow creek, the young ones had lots of diversions. Everyone enjoyed the fabulous meal, the spectacular location, the secret santa exchange that lasted almost 2 hours (who finally ended up with the coveted cricket bat and the super-soaker I’m still not sure).

At the end of the day, we all ended up with a full belly, a little more Christmas spirit, some time well spent with friends, some laughs, a lovely parting gift and even a few mozzie bites (but, hey, that’s just Christmas in OZ!)

Big thanks to the organizers!


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