Don’t get too comfortable

I’ve always said that the most valuable skill we can cultivate in work and in life is our ability to embrace new experiences and adapt to change. For change is truly the ONLY constant.

And, nowhere is this change more exponential than in the evolution of the technology available to us today.

I urge you to invest five minutes and watch this. Ponder its implications. Then ask yourself, are you changing, adapting and embracing new technology and its possibilities? Are you even trying to keep pace? Or, are you doing what you’ve always done with the tools you’ve always used?

If the latter, you may just find yourself horribly unprepared for the future. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…


One thought on “Don’t get too comfortable

  1. “Genius” is to know today what will be commonplace tomorrow. Unity 4 Humanity is setting a new benchmark in Industry standards, harnessing the power of the Internet Television merger, and pioneering the Dot TV Industry. It is important to adapt to change, but when speaking of business it is better to anticipate it.

    Good luck in your future endeavors, continuing enriching your “human experience,” and keep the interesting blog posts coming!

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