Running for Two


Not that we really trained for it, but Chris and I were both looking forward to running in the Blackmore’s Sydney Running Festival’s 9km Bridge Run. We both needed the workout and it was yet another activity we could do together. However, it didn’t quite work out the way we had planned.

Race morning arrived and I was still ill and not up to running. Chris considered staying home with me and not going as well, but then decided to run it on his own. I had every intention of rolling over into my disappointment, pulling the covers over my head, and going back to sleep. (it was only 6 am on Sunday morning). We lay there for a few minutes, talked over our options and Chris came up with a workable compromise. I was disappointed that I couldn’t run the 9km. BUT, it didn’t have to mean that I couldn’t go.

I could be there to cheer him on, snap some memories with he new Nikon and be there at the finish line, arms outstretched, to welcome  him across. And, Chris decided that he wasn’t running it alone. He was running it for both of us. He placed his own racing chip on his left shoe and mine on his right so that I’d be with him every step of the way. Decisions made, we proceeded to the starting point at Milson’s Point.


Chris got warmed up. I kissed him for luck and off he trotted through the starting gate. I walked back to the bridge, along the walkway and snapped a few photos of the runners and the spectacular view. 


I made my way to the Opera House finish line area in enough time to see the first place finisher of the full marathon secure his spot again this year at 2:17 minutes…..42 km in just over two hours is truly mind boggling!


I got a call from Chris to alert me that he was only minutes away, so I lifted the camera, pointed it through the crowds and waited to capture him as he crossed the finish line, then made my way through the mass of finishers to tell him how proud I was of him, how thankful I was that he encouraged me to find a workable option between going and not and to tell him how impressed I was with his follow through on his commitment to participating in the race.


So, even though we didn’t run the race together, we did share the experience. Each of us did what we were capable of doing, each of us had both individual and shared experiences of the day, and, most importantly, each of us were there for the other…but, isn’t that just what partners do?


Thanks Baby. I wouldn’t have wanted to share this with anyone else!


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