The last word on birthdays……THANKS!

Chris, here it is, a HUGE public “THANK YOU”  for giving me the best birthday yet.  As someone who’s experienced a couple of bad birthdays in my time, I am so grateful to you for this birthday….the gifts, the energy, the planning, the little extras that went into making my first birthday here, with you in Australia, a fabulous one. From our personal moments of celebration, to the cakes (yes.. plural), to the heartfelt birthday serenade, to the wonderful gifts, to the birthday party… you did it all and did it perfectly! Thank you honey. I’m so grateful for your love, support and sense of celebration. I look forward to celebrating decades of birthdays together.

And to the rest of my family and friends, thanks for their lovely gifts, the cards, flowers, well wishes, your presence at my party… thanks to all of you…I am truly blessed with so many wonderful people in my life.

Looking back on this very special birthday, I can only say that I’m so very lucky to have good health, happiness and so much love in my life that it has to span two continents.

Thank you all…..I hope you know how much you mean to me! (especially you, Honey!)


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