A Conference, Chris and a Climax (of the writing kind, or course!)

For the past few days, Chris attended and presented three sessions at the  Leading a Digital School conference. I accompanied him and used the time for an impromptu writing retreat to forge forward on my novel.

Chris was pleased with his sessions and we both enjoyed many spirited discussions over the three days. We had a lovely time at the Welcome Reception and the Conference Dinner where I was happy to have the opportunity to meet so many of the faces behind the names I’ve heard bandied about. So a huge heartfelt thanks goes out to IWBNet, the conference organizers extraordinaire…. a.k.a. Margo and Val. You do a terrific job and it appears that delegates and speakers alike benefitted greatly from their participation on both professional and personal fronts.

With another conference over and a big chunk of writing, research and editing done on my part, Chris and I rewarded ourselves by extending our stay at the Novotel Brighton Beach, Sydney for another night . We had a fabulous room in a well appointed hotel, so why not?

The combination of a some swimming, a trip to the gym, great food, strolls along the beach and time with each other made for a great conclusion to a very productive few days.

Thanks Babe….you da man!

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