An Article Originally Written for the Canadian Australian Club Newsletter

August 2008 Issue


We all know technology has reached ubiquitous proportions. But how many of us are really tapping into its potential?  Are we embracing it? Or, just sitting on the sidelines? 

I, for one, am proud to embrace my inner- Geekette. I’ve made the choice to have technology work for me, rather than plead ignorance to its power. I refuse to accept a techno-challenged existence that would keep me unplugged from its multitude of benefits. They’re just too good to pass up.   

In my best “I AM Canadian” rant, I’ll stand up and proudly proclaim that…..I Google people and things I’m curious about, I take photos and video with my cell then download them to my blog. I send emails from gmail, make video calls to my friends using skype, and share photos using flickr. I book vacations, pay bills, shop and bank online.  I’ll even admit to having used online dating at some point in my past. I listen to podcasts, buy music and books from itunes, and even track my running progress with my Nike plus chip.  I spend way more time on my laptop than I do watching television, and I find YouTube rivals most TV programming. I Bluetooth content from one device to the next, I regularly communicate with people I’ve never met and, yes, I Facebook.   I have a 43 things list, I use, I voice my opinion in forums and I’ve even tried twitter.  I don’t share this list to impress you, but, instead, to impress upon you the almost endless possibilities there are for embedding technology into your daily round.  So, which of these do you use? 

Admittedly, I have not ventured into the World of Warcraft or Second Life. I haven’t edited an entry in wikipedia, created my own wiki or podcast, performed research using survey monkey, participated in a meme, had a play with toondo or told a digital story through voicethread or even shared my favourite songs through sharepod. But, I might! 

My primary reason for embracing technology is to remain virtually connected to my friends back home in Canada, to my colleagues around the world, to known sites and media sources, to emerging technology, my interests and hobbies or simply as a source for new ideas.    

In next month’s article I’ll share some of the tools that I find helpful: gmail and other nifty google applications, skype, flickr and other photo related tools, itunes, audio books and podcasts oh my. I’ll discuss getting the most out of your ipod, ways to manage and share your bookmarks, facebook, blogging and more (for who knows what I might discover between now and then).  

In the meantime, I invite you to embrace your inner-geek and explore the potential of the plethora of techno-tools available by venturing out to, into, or onto the world wide web and  explore a little. See what you can find. I’d happily share your new found treasures with everyone else if you’d first email them to me at 

So, if you find yourself using an online dictionary, try searching the term “geekette”. You may just find my picture (or, more likely, my avatar!).    


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