So that’s Melbourne…

Here are a few highlights from  our recent trip to Melbourne (the “lowlights” can stay right there where they belong.)

Chris presented four, count’em, four sessions at the Fifth National IWB Conference – IWBs Support and Extend Good Teaching Practice. The program was packed with content for the hundreds of delegates.

We stayed in Brighton, home of the Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes….a colourful reminder of a bygone era. These vibrant little huts were located at the beach directly across from our hotel, The Brighton Savoy.


Mid conference, we squeezed in a quick train trip into town where we got a glimpse of the Central Business District (CBD) where we found tons of high end shops, a stunning train station, eclectic european inspired eateries, a rather muddy river and a southbank district full of bars, restaurants, and many examples of the Melbourne’s ever-present art….


While Chris was in session, I set out on a what became a 12-14km walk where I closely examined the rainbow of the bathing boxes, familiarized myself with the new camera (photos from it will be uploaded just as soon as I figure out how – those shown here are from my phone!) got a glimpse of the Melbourne skyline, saw some spectacular homes, met some other walkers and their four legged friends. My favourite encounter was with Barney, an exhuberant, friendly and handsome blonde. I couldn’t resist getting a photo to remember him by.


While, I enjoyed seeing another Aussie city, and meeting some of Chris’ co-workers and others from his network, my favourite memory was of our Thursday evening for two in St. Kilda. From the touching toast to the Mars bar cake, it was a wonderful evening…even if we did get a parking ticket.

I don’t think I’ll be hurrying back to Melbourne. Some places, like some people, make a great impression, while others are far more off-putting, leaving you feeling uneasy….Melbourne was definitely the latter for me. I was happy to go home.

Good thing the next conference is right here in Sydney…


One thought on “So that’s Melbourne…

  1. Interesting. I’ve also been exploring Aussie happenings, particularly in the world of kangaroo boxing, as well as koalas, Barry Crocker, and Matthew McConaughey over at the Rodeo.

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