Welcome to Puerto Backyarda!!!

La Formosa Resort in Puerto Backyarda is located in the heart of East York, while there is no beach directly on the property, it boasts a brand new heated pool complete with water sports and its own lifeguard.


The pool area is just steps from a lovely open air dining room that serves up a variety of five star cuisine to tempt any palette accompanied by an extensive wine list. 

The accommodation is clean, comfortable and quite spacious which is a necessity given that there is no shortage of guests lined up to stay at this “in demand” resort. It’s a clean and very safe location that is excellent for morning walks or jogging. You can ask to borrow the resort’s four-legged mini Cooper to join you. And, if you need it, there’s even on site tech support!


While the turquoise blue waters of the Playa Formosa pool are a star attraction, you can also participate in a variety of on site sports…..hone your hockey skills, bounce aways some stress on the trampoline, or learn the techniques needed to perfect the butterfly.


If you wish to venture off site, there are  plenty of amenities to choose from – go shopping, try a variety of restaurants, and take in a full array of services ….whether its a manicure or a special coffee, it’s just a short walk around the tree lined neighbourhood, you’ll find an activity that suits.

La Formosa Resort in Puerto Backyarda is quite simply… a dream vacation…from your morning coffee served up with the daily paper and early day sunshine, to the refreshing dip in the crystal blue waters, to the warm and welcoming smiles of your resort hosts, you’ll not be disappointed.

I’ll have fond memories of my time in Puerto Backyarda…so thank you Wendy, Paul, Derek, Rebecca and Cooper…..you give good vacation!


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