Life’s a BEACH!


…there we were: two chicks, Timmies in hand, sunscreen and beach towels in the trunk and a 2 hour drive to one of the best beaches in Ontario…..hellllllloooooo Sauble Beach.

I’ve been visiting there since I was 5 years old, but Joanne had never been.   So as someone who never tires of it – the beach shops, the seven miles of sandy beach, the rolling waves, I was happy to show her around.  Maybe I can introduce her to an Aussie beach next.

We began with a lovely lunch at Lobbies….


….then walked a while then swam a bit, walked some more, swam again, walked a while more,   By the end of the day we had literally made an impression on the beach…but it only seems fair as it’s been making one on me my whole life.

… I’m the one on the left!


2 thoughts on “Life’s a BEACH!

  1. Great to see you having such a great time babyface. Like I said, I sometimes feel a bit bad that you have had to leave so much of this behind – your family and friends, and places you love – but Iit just makes me love you all the more for taking the big leap across the pond to be with me. You’ll never know how much I appreciate you for it.

    Hope the rest of your time back home is just as much fun and has many more great moments. We will share it again together some day…

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