The first 24 hours…

I’m back in Canada getting my fix.  I’ve made a few nostalgic observations since my return…..on the drive from the airport I was astounded by brilliance of of the greenest of trees and lawns…I felt a familiar sense of confidence and experience as I advised the taxi driver on the best way to manoeuvre through the rush hour traffic to my destination.  What was that I just smelled? Was it skunk? Yep it sure was. It’s been a while…no such animals in Australia.

It felt great to rise early, put on makeup, get dressed in heels and take the well-worn route to work, starting from my old driveway where the car Billy has lent me for the week was parked.  It was even better  to savour that first sip of the sweet seductive nectar they call a Timmies double double.  I stopped in the dollar store to stock up on Canadian prizes for the Canadian Australian club then on to Food Basics where I was agog by the variety of salad dressings that peered back at me (total count 36). I bumped into a neighbour and found blueberries for the unbelievable price of three baskets for $5….you couldn’t even get ONE that size in Sydney for that price.  The shopping continued as I trotted through the aisles of Costco and found the frying pan that we’ve been looking for with a price tag of a whopping $24.  They also had the perfect perch for our new flatscreen and a furniture grouping that I think would have been pretty much perfect for our unfurnished “room”….but  alas, no way to get them home. When is Costco coming to Australia…when?

Gas was a mere $1.34 a litre and going down tomorrow.  I picked up lunch from my favourite sushi spot then later went for a 2.5km run on familiar streets. I ran into my old 10KM clinic instructor. The temperature got up to 29C and I heard the familiar  songs of the oscillating lawn sprinklers.  

It sure doesn’t take long to catch up. So far I’ve seen, in order…. Stefan and Noreen, neighbour Ken, the neighbour who works at Shopper’s Drug Mart (whose name obviously escapes me), too many of the work folks to mention, Pat, Edith, Akeem, Billy Hanlon, Dana, the triplets and Chris H., Meagan and the running room staff . Wow….at this rate I’ll have seen everyone by Sunday!

Good night…it’s been a busy day!


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