Introducing A Great Sydney Ambassador — Nigel Marsh!


I’ve recently read two books by the same author in quick succession.  Nigel Marsh first got my attention in the Padstow library when my inherent passion for a great alliterative title was aroused when I spied Fat, Forty and Fired.  I’ve also just closed the jacket on Observations of a Very Short Man

I never would have guessed that, next to Chris, the person I’d learn the most about Sydney from would be a forty-something, UK father of four, ex-stand up comedian, communications professional, CEO turned author and performance coach, whom I had never met.   

Three weeks, two books, 600 odd pages and many humourous and touching insights, observations, anecdotes and confessions later, I felt like I had made a new friend. Both of Nigel’s memoirs dealt with being in your 40’s (you know, the wistful decade) and learning about, adjusting to and embracing a new life in Sydney (not to mention stumbling upon a mid life crisis and some serious personal truths). His openness, humour and sincerity were evident through every page and his words continually resonated with me and my present circumstance.

I’ve offered to take him out for an apple juice (explanation found in the pages of F,F &F) and I’m excited that he has tentatively accepted. I hope to have the opportunity to thank him in person for helping me to better appreciate so many things about my new life in Sydney.

If you want two easy reads that leave you feeling enthusiastically optimistic and unapologetically human, then Nigel’s memoirs are just the ticket! 



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