Crikey, it’s a “snyke”…and a lizard and a spider and a…

Australia is known for it spiders and “snykes” and I knew in coming here that it would only be a matter of time before I’d have an encounter.

Some of you might recall that during my visit last July, I had been here a whole three days before I came face to face with a huntsman spider in the bathroom. It was almost the size of my hand – the biggest I had EVER seen. I was assured it was harmless enough, but I kept my distance nonetheless….and, yes, that meant from another room!

Since then, I’m proud to say that my confirmed cockroach kill stands at 6 and I’ve actually sought out opportunities to learn more about the pesky creatures that had previously made my skin crawl.  Chris, Kate and I went out to see the snakeman of La Peruse where we were introduced to about a dozen venomous snakes and a half dozen lizards and one very entertaining Aussie bloke who had them all under control.


And just recently, I attended an exhibit containing more lizards (including one of the double headed variety) and a black headed python. I actually held all 1.5 metres of it.

As the photo below will attest….I’ve come along way in four months. But heck, I figure if Bindi can, Lindi can too!



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