Many Happy Returns

Now that I’ve returned from my trip to Canada, it’s time to create some new and lasting habits here in my new home.  Many of these will be transplanted from my old life, but reestablishing them still takes some effort.

My writing has suffered terribly through this massive wave of change. In fact, it had ground to a halt until about two weeks ago. It’s time to change that!  I’m currently sitting at about 65,000 words, so a great chunk has been completed, but I needed a kickstart.  I looked for classes here and found nothing that was appropriate. And even though I can’t attend another Sheridan writing class (where my dual adventures began), I can still seek out the assistance of the person who has provided so much help and guidance in reaching this point. So, thanks to technology and a willing mentor, I’ll be working again with published author, writing instructor extraordinaire and all round enthusiastic and entertaining literary lass, Lynda Simmons, to finish off this breakout effort. 

I also just finished a terrific resource book on writing, entitled Beginnings, Middles and Ends, written by Nancy Kress, a wonderful resource for anyone up to their elbows in whipping up a work of fiction. And speaking of returns, I must get that back to the library. 

I’ve also returned to the gym. I’ve just joined Health Mates at Revesby Workers Club, and have just begun a new workout routine.  It’s another thing that Chris and I can do together and benefit from individually, so I’m pleased to return to this healthy habit. I’m pondering returning to running, but truth be told, the hills here are a tad intimidating, it’s not flat here like it is back home – maybe after a few weeks on the treadmill.

I had a bit of a blogging sabbatical while I was back in Canada, but am back on track and will continue to provide regular updates here, so check back and check back often. And why not, add a comment or two?

And speaking of Geeking out, I’m back on a daily dose of podcasts too.  Being a veritable information sponge, I find the podcast an easily digestible medium for ongoing exposure and education. If you haven’t starting listening to them yet, get your butt to itunes and do it!.  There is so much great content out there to explore. My daily exposure can range for technology tips, to marketing hints, to interviews with published authors, to running coaching, to new trends and theories in management, to financial advice, to comedy routines……and it feeds the type A in me, I can listen while I’m doing other things. So, even though I wear my ear plugs funny, I’m happy to be back to receiving my daily podcast fix. Now, I just need to master Smart Playlists!

Even though I can’t truly go home again (not that I’d want to), I can reconect with a few of the practices from my daily round that can help create some familiar feelings….now, if only I could find a golden retriever to walk around the neighbourhood!


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