Earth Hour left us powerless…

Earth Hour

Living here in the birthplace of earth hour, I felt compelled to participate in this year’s event, if only in a small way.  We couldn’t join others in the city for celebrations because on Earth Day, Saturday,  March 29th, we were happy to have Chris and Juli over for a small dinner party in our home. We began with appetizers outside as we prepared the balance of the meal. With only 2 minutes to spare before the official start of earth hour, the food was placed on the table, the lights were turned off, and a number of candles were ceremoniously lit before we settled in to enjoy our “powerless” meal.

While our participation made no huge difference in affecting climate change, it did create a raised awareness and a subtle difference in our own practices.  Chris and I have agreed to dine by candle light more often.  Now, can anyone recommend a good candle shop?

Here’s  a glimpse of the Sydney Harbour both with lights ablazing and without….

I’d love to hear your earth hour stories…why not send a comment?

Earth Hour Sydney Harbour

2 thoughts on “Earth Hour left us powerless…

  1. I like dining by candlelight! I think it’s nice, and of course quite romantic too. We should do it more often.
    It was nice having Chris and Juli over too. Our first real official, non-family, non-spontaneous drop in, honest to goodness invited guests!

  2. We had a chuckle here – Good Intentions for Earth Day and all…
    Unfortunately, the East Coast of the USA was not able to participate in Earth Hour because it is still DAYLIGHT here at that time! 8:00 PM = Still light outside = Daylight Savings Time.


    Our hearts were in it, though!!!

    : ) Nancy in Cleveland

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