Come on in….

…we’re home!

The furniture has arrived, we’ve purchased a few necessities, the tradesmen are slowly disappearing and it’s beginning to really feel like home.  We have a few things to do yet, but here’s a little virtual tour our lovely new home ….

So, now the only question is, “who’s going to be the first North American to see it in person?”


2 thoughts on “Come on in….

  1. Very cool!

    Great video Lin … would love to come, especially since we are expecting more d*m snow!! Make it go away……………..

    Love your place and congrats guys!

    Donna and the rest of us .. xxx

  2. I think your house looks beautiful.

    And, the sky in Australia also looks bluer than it ever does in Canada which will compliment your ample backyard on a sunny day.

    I’m not sure when I’ll be able to come but it is nice to dream about a trip.

    Sis – Karen

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