The Club Culture….

A card carrying member

They’re everywhere – in the largest suburbs and the smallest of towns. They’re cheap to join and most people belong to more than one. For not belonging is very “un-Australian”. These community castles are as tightly woven into the Aussie social tapestry as is sipping on a Hunter Valley chardonnay. And some spare no expense. You’ll find that when you step inside one of these for the first time, the experience is reminiscent of expectantly boarding a Princess Cruise ship, yet you haven’t had to leave shore.

What are these places of worship where community social culture meets robust local economic engine? Shopping malls?Churches? No. They are none other than than “Clubs” of course.

The Club scene in Australia is a phenomenon like nothing this Canadian has ever experienced. Here’s a little background:

The Club Industry

There are approximately 1,400 registered clubs in New South Wales and around 90% of these clubs are members of ClubsNSW. The Club Industry is much stronger and more widespread in NSW than in any other state in Australia and 40% of club premises in Australia are found in NSW

But wait, there’s more…club fun facts

So, in the effort to fit in..I’m playing the club game. In fact, as you can see above, I’m already a proud card carrying member of the Revesby Workers’ Club that’s located a mere kilometer from our house. You’ll find me at the gym, having a meal, playing the pokies, watching a show, in the pub, or even getting a haircut…all in the comfortable surroundings of my local club.

So, Jason, that’s what we mean by “clubbing” in Australia, not exactly what you might have expected, but enjoyable nonetheless!

Chris sipping a schooner Cheers to clubs, mate!


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