Happy Birthday Baby!


January 28th is a very special day and I intend to spoil my Chris silly for our very first birthday together, physically in the same country.  Hope you’ll join me in wishing him a wonderful birthday and a spectacular year.  I won’t tell you how old, that’s up to him, but I’m still with a younger man…if that’s a hint!

As you can see he may have changed a little over the years, but he’s still as cute and still as cuddly today as he was some 40+ years ago!

Happy Birthday honey…..I love you…..hope this is your best year yet…now, can you guess what’s in these bags???

Birthday Surprises

One thought on “Happy Birthday Baby!

  1. Thanks babyface… I had a wonderful birthday! The restaurant was a lovely surprise and the bike ride afterwards was heaps of fun. You spoilt me!
    I’m still wondering what I would have gotten had I chose Right instead of Left, but Left was still pretty good!
    Your constant little surprises and gifts throughout the day were really fun and made me feel very special.
    Thanks baby, Love you!

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