Random Observations on Life in Australia

People eat alot of pork….roasts, bacon, chops, tenderloin….you name it…in fact, all meat is big here.

Round abouts seem to be a sensible system as long as everyone abides by their simple, but sensible, rule….just don’t hit anyone.

Shops close too early….except for Cellarbrations…it seems like it’s almost always open.

They have drive through bottle shops…no kidding…drive in…get your hooch, pay, drive out…that simple

The choice within many product categories is rather limited.

Cosmetics are horribly expensive.

Sunshine and salt air is incredibly good for the soul.

Good wine is cheap and plentiful and you can BYO when you go out for dinner — it cuts the cost of a dinner out in half — most places don’t even charge corkage fees …Bernie, reason enough for you to visit!

Real estate agencies act as property managers to handle house rentals, very few, if any, seem to be rented by individuals. And rental terms are not just tied to a monthly schedule, but most are fortnightly (every two weeks…just in case you’re not familiar with the term)

They put strange things on their burgers….I had a burger with “the lot” and no joke…”the lot” included…bacon, egg, cheese (I’ll stop here and ponder the incidence of cholesterol induced cardiopulmonary problems), pineapple, beetroot (we just call them beets), onion, tomato sauce (not ketchup) lettuce and sometimes pickles…but they don’t believe in relish… if you don’t want the standard vegetable toppings, you ask for it without “salad”…. 

Gas here is horrendously expensive…I think it was 1.48 a litre yesterday.

This city is incredibly hilly….San Fran’s got nothin’ on parts of Sydney…..thank heaven’s our new place is in the flat part of town.

Club life is HUGE here….but it’s not what you think….not the flashing neon lights, throbbing music, slow grind on the dancefloor nightclub variety of clubs….stay tuned…a post on this is coming soon.

There are a far higher number of bare-footed residents walking around  here (and not just on the beach) than any fashionista would ever deem appropriate — Jeanne Becker would not approve… conversely, though, Sydney has what must be the world’s largest thong-donning population!

Clotheslines are everywhere…. good thing GE doesn’t rely soley on Australia for it’s clothes dryer sales.

Voting here is mandatory…yes, it’s an offense not to exercise your franchise and get out to your local voting office.

Vegimite is a learned taste.

Sydney has way tooooo many suburbs for the average newcomer to master – it must be a 10 to 1 ratio to the incidence of Toronto suburbs.

Given the sheer number of naturally occuring beaches, the relative presence of volleyball is sadly underrepresented.

I know understand the difference between an Aussie and a Kiwi accent!

Surfers come in all ages.

Cloth shopping bags are very popular..not only in supermarkets, but other stores as well.

There are no pennies here.

Paper money is covered in an ultra thin layer of plastic so it’s hard to rip it up. 

Drivers who are on just learning have to affix magnetic signs to their cars indicating as such.

On a home phone line, you’re charged per call and not a flat rate for local calling.

As of today, one Canuck buck will buy you a dollar 14 (actually fifteen because remember there are no pennies) Australian.

Sydney has an appearingly infinite number of Asian restaurants to choose from…and some of the best salt and pepper squid I’ve ever tasted.

Kids here have the cutest school uniforms.

Some of the best views in this country are right here in Sydney.

Toronto could learn a huge lesson from Sydney on how to effectively maximize the potential of their waterfront property.

All bugs, spiders, snakes, etc… are bigger than the average North American garden variety… Parker you’d love them!

Being in love feels the same, no matter where you live.


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