Road trip!!!

Our route 

With a packed trailer, a fully charged GPS and no specific destination, we started our adventure with only one decision…. we were heading south along the coast. So, off we went.

First stop….The Robs in Bowral for coffee, croissants and conversation… what a charming family…very warm, very welcoming and full of suggestions as to which route to we should take to the coast … 

We chose a winding meander down Jamberoo Mountain Road, landing us at an incredibly breathtaking spot…. none other than spectacular Kiama where we stopped for a picnic lunch overlooking the shore on one side and the huge natural blow-hole on the other.


Our next stop was a leisurly stroll along Seven Mile Beach (above), although we refrained from taking THAT long a walk. As we had to make (and, at this point, still find) camp before nightfall.


After a tour around Vincentia, Jervis Bay and Hyam’s Beach, we chose a caravan park in Huskisson to call home for the next two nights. This is the first time I’ve been camping since we built the cottage over 15 years ago, but just like riding a bike, it all came back to me… friendly people, fresh clean air, spending the entire day from  sunrise to sunset in the great outdoors, time on the beach, the unmistakeable smell of canvas, the frequent hum of tent zippers as they we’re pulled up and down and the heightened appreciation for the umatched beauty of Mother Nature

We saved the best for last. The final stop on our road trip we ascended up to the summit of Mount Keira where we witnessed the panorama of Wollongong….in a word….WOW.


Thanks Babe…I look forward to many more road trips together… maybe we can ask Benny to join us!


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