Merry Christmas to all.  By the time you read this, another Christmas will have come and gone.   I will have celebrated my very first Christmas with my Darling in Australia.  It will be the first Christmas that I’ve ever ventured out of the northern hemisphere away from both the cold northern air and the familiar warmth of my relationships.  In a word, this Christmas was “unique”.  Emotionally, I did okay for most of it, but admittedly, I did have a MHM (missing home meltdown) late Christmas day…to be expected I guess.    

Overall, this was a fabulous Christmas though.  Chris did a wonderful job of spoiling me as I’ve never been spoiled before.  He showered me with gestures and gifts that were creative, heart warming, romantic and chosen expressly for me. He worked hard to help me to adjust as much as possible. By far, the most touching gesture was when he added the traditional apple, orange and nuts in my stocking to carry on the custom that’s been part of my family since childhood. ( see ‘Christmas Past, Present and Future’ post, below). As I reached into the base of my stocking, the sobs came instantaneously when I realized that I was touching the familiar fruits of my past. Thank you for making that connection Chris.

I guess some traditions disappear, some are meant to be carried forward for a lifetime and some just need the right reason to start.  This year some very special ones began right here with Chris and I in Sydney as part of our very first Christmas together – Christmas 2007. 


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