A Golden Opportunity


Hi my name is Mr. Briggs (okay it’s just Briggs, but people just keep adding the Mr. to it so it stuck over the years).

When I was really young I had a pretty scary experience that made me pretty sick, but I pulled through, mostly thanks to the great people at Golden Retriever Rescue. They got me to a vet, where I was looked after, but then Golden Rescue really came through, Deb and Mike gave me great foster care and they helped find me my new Mom.

She and I have been together for over five years now. She walks me, takes me running with her, plays with me, gives me treats (my favs are popcorn and peanut butter, in my Kong), takes me to the beach and to the cottage.

My favourite games are playing with my rag bone in the house, fetch in the park and catching snowballs. I like to lay and look out the door to keep up on what’s happening in the neighbourhood. I like to sleep at the foot of Mommy’s bed and she says sometimes I talk in my sleep, but usually only after a really eventful day.

I can be a little bit more vocal than most Goldens and I have a bit of a scar on my lip and a big one on my paw, but these seem to be the only lasting signs of my earlier trauma.

So, here’s my dilemma. It seems that my Mom has gone and met the man of her dreams. I like him too. He’s a great guy. He even took me for walks when she was sick and played with me in the park. But, Mommy’s in love and wants to be with him. Problem is… he lives in Australia. She doesn’t think its fair for me to have to take that 20+ hour airplane ride and to have to stay in quarantine there and I think she might be right. Plus, I hear it’s really hot there and I like Canada ’cause I can burrow in the snow.

Mom’s got so much to do now that I thought I’d help by sneaking on the computer and help to try and find a new home.

While I know having to give me to a good family is going to be really hard on Mommy (and on Noreen and Stefan, my step-parents, who have loved and spoiled me over the years), I think it would really help if we could find a one made up of “dog” people.

I need lots of love and will promise to give the same. I’m playful, affectionate and get along with most other dogs, even though I bark at them sometimes. I think I would do best in a family where I’m the only pet. I want the right family and to find my “forever” home. That’s a phrase I learned from the Golden Rescue folks.

So, if you know anyone who’s looking to fall in love with a cute young blond (that’s me!), let my Mom know or call the great folks at golden rescue.


Wouldn’t you know it? Mom went and fell for a brunette!

P.S. – If you feel like helping the folks at golden rescue they have a donation button on their web page. They do great work and you’d be helping all of us Golden boys and girls.

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