Oh, the possibilities…

How lucky am I to live in a global village, surrounded by technology, to have a boyfriend who is a techno-genius (and handsome to boot), to work with a global company and report to a truly global thinker? Incredibly so.  The great news is that I’ll be able to continue working remotely.  How wonderful is that?

It boggles the mind to know that we are connected through technological web that spans the world over, that its commonplace for companies to be global in scope and that you can remain with one company while you hop from continent to continent, that through the magic of video cams, wikis, blogs, networking sites and email we can maintain business connections as well as our treasured friendships, that we can step onto a plane and in hours be half way around the world and it’s affordable and accessible enough to facilitate some people’s weekly commute.  How awesome is it that I can write by tapping a keyboard in the privacy of my home office in Brampton, ON, Canada and it can be read minutes later by a stranger on his cell phone as he strolls the beach on another continent?

I marvel at the times we live in. I’m thankful for them. I’m happy that I was born at this time in history. Yet, I sometimes wonder if we’re capable of dealing with the myriad of options that technology provides for us, but, at the same time, I am eager to embrace these contemporary tools and see what life enhancing powers they may possess. 

They say that technology is the great enabler. I guess the choice of just what it enables, remains up to us.

Vic, thank you for being open to this remote arrangement, for seeing possibilities instead of problems and for trusting in me to deliver. I’ll do just that!


2 thoughts on “Oh, the possibilities…

  1. Yes it IS an amazing world. I probably spend way too much time connected to my online persona (something that I expect to change once you get here), but technology and the web has given us all tentacles that help us reach across the world and remove the time and distance barriers like never before.

    I’m so pleased that Vic has given you – given us – this opportunity. Thanks Vic!

    Can’t wait to see you babyface!

  2. Hey LJ and Chris, reading your thoughts on the possibilities, I’m wondering if the world will ever come to a time where long tender kisses are mere memories or if humans will physiologically morph to the point where they can “feel” over the internet.

    There’s nothing like touch to remind you of what you’ve been missing…the touch of a hand in yours, a hug, a long tender kiss. I love technology as an enabler, but I hope we never evolve beyond the point of humans needing one another so much! That would be crippling.

    I often think that couples who begin their courtships over a distance end up knowing way more than if the layers were all revealed in all too short a time span.

    Here’s to new beginnings, collaboration online and offline, and realtime face-to-face communication for the both of you.


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